Stirrups Clothing Company designs, manufactures and distributes equestrian themed casual fashion forward apparel for adults and children, and is a source for corporate logo-wear and promotional items.


Detail of tasks performed while at this job:

Graphic Design

Design and execution of most fashion imprint for the period of 2002 through 2008.

  • Art creation from original sketches through final film
  • Photo direction, photo studio management, rights management
  • Creation of all print and online catalogs from 2002 through 2010
  • Production art for screenprint, film rendering, and embroidery
  • Color separations from 1 color through 8 colors.
  • Examples of designs can be viewed in the Issuu PDF publishing site

IT and WEB

Website build and management (ongoing project)

  • Started managing existing site in May 2002. Site was based on a flat HTML DWT template
  • Developed the site into frames
  • Drupal CMS will be launched with a new site structure soon
  • E-commerce site
  • Corporate order site
  • E-mail marketing design and execution
  • Web forms and lead generation support from 2002.
  • Macintosh technologist and Windows PC LAN administration

Reference available upon request.